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Expert education services in Singapore

Singapore education servicesVelvet Education understands that all candidates who wish to study in Singapore would need help to ensure that they comfortably tread the path to their higher education. However, for an uninitiated student and their parents, it would be an impossible task. That’s the reason Velvet Education brings you all the support you need with everything when you fly to Singapore with your heart full of higher education dreams.

School and Course Finding Support
With our expertise and experience in the academic sector of Singapore, we can help students to find the best school and the most suitable academic course in Singapore. Depending upon the academic performance and the career aspirations of the students, we can offer them extensive advices about the best institutes in Singapore that they can choose. We are fortified with impeccable knowledge and information about the schools and courses available in Singapore and its academic criteria. A brand of our qualified and experienced education consultants can enlighten students with all the details they need.


Some of the top educational institutes in Singapore:

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Application Handling and Visa Procedure
An important part of international higher education is application and the visa processing. Since both are mostly an unfamiliar territory for students and their parents, this can only be done with the help of a professional. That is where our application handling and visa processing help comes into play. Not only do we offer comprehensive support to help students apply for the chosen program and institute, we also provide professional advice and help to carry out the visa procedure effectively. Our support team will educate you about the documents needed, how they must be submitted, and the application fee for both admission and visa application process.

Medical Check-up Support
Every student must conduct statutory medical check-up before moving to Singapore for higher education. Our team will guide you accordingly to take the necessary tests and how the results need to be submitted to the school while enrolling for the course in Singapore.

Bank Loan Assistance
Most students would resort to education loans to undertake higher education courses in foreign countries. However, sometimes it can be difficult for students to get required documents and confirmation letters from their schools to apply for education loans. Having understood these predicaments, we help students in every possible way of attaining education loans from either Singapore or India.

Flight Ticket Booking
Velvet Education offers flight ticket booking services to students. Since we have exceptional experience in the field of taking students from India to Singapore, we are expert in choosing the best flight routes and airlines for the best experience.

Accommodation Help
Finding accommodation in Singapore can be a tiring job for students when they first come to Singapore. Having realized this concern of our students, Velvet Education can help students find the best and most affordable accommodation near their schools and institutes in Singapore. Since we have extensive networks and associations with local accommodation providers and hostels, we can always take students for safe, affordable and high-quality accommodation settings that they would love.

Personal Escort
Velvet Education offers personal escort support to students as well when they are going to Singapore for the first time. We will help students to reach the university or the institute and carry out the necessary procedures to enroll for the course.

Appointing Local Representative
Most Singapore academic institutes need students to have local representatives for a variety of reasons. Students and parents may find it difficult to do it especially if they are new to the country. However, Velvet Education can help with that as well. We offer all the help you need to appoint a local representative in Singapore.

Bank Account Opening Help
No matter where a student is studying in Singapore and how long, it is important for them to have a fully operational bank account in Singapore. However, choosing the right bank with excellent support and services is important for a foreign student. Keeping this in mind, Velvet Education provides the necessary support to open bank account for students in Singapore.

Finding Part-Time Job
Singapore academic system allows students to undertake part-time jobs if needed. However, finding the right job at the right business is not an easy job. With our experience in the field and in Singapore general, Velvet Education can help students secure flexible, well-paying part-time jobs to earn few extra to support their education.

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