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Why Study in Singapore?

why study in Singapore Singapore is one of the most sought-after, internationally-acclaimed higher education destinations in the World. Being a highly developed country, Singapore has an exceptional academic sector that is ranked along with some of the best in the world such as the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. If one closely looks at Singapore as a potential academic destination, there are a plethora of elements that make the country an ideal choice for top-notch, higher education.

The most important advantage of studying in Singapore is that it offers high quality academic program with pragmatic learning opportunities and impeccable pedagogic infrastructure, which add value to the academic experiences of the students no matter where they come from. Also, there are numerous opportunities for eligible students to secure scholarships from Singapore’s Ministry of Education, which makes studying in Singapore an economically value-adding exercise for academically high-performing students. This Further, the learning approach of Singapore is highly industry-oriented with most institutes offering adept opportunities for internships and projects that help students develop in-demand skills and insights in the field of their academic choice. Another advantage that Singapore offers Indian students is that they can secure globally acclaimed higher education programs without having travel to a western country and spending a lot of money. Not only is Singapore closer to India but it is also cheaper to travel to Singapore compared to European countries*. Another advantage is that Singapore has a highly stable economic and political climate that favors international students to pursue their higher education in an economically and politically stable country. Further, the multi-cultural and multi-lingual social setting of the country offers students with ample opportunity to become a global citizen, which is one of the major objectives of students opting to study abroad.

Singapore also offers international students with high standards of living, healthcare and education which always become an integral criterion that influences the decision of Indian students. There are also diverse part-time job opportunities in Singapore due to the presence of a variety of MNCs and local businesses that constantly need human resources. All of these reasons ensure that Singapore is an important destination for students who want to pursue their higher education in a world-class country.

Estimated data for one-way travel:

• India to Singapore 20,000+ rupees, 4.5+ hours
• India to Europe 70,000+ rupees, 18+ hours

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